EDOMZ Review And My 15$ Earning Till Today

Edomz review and my 15$ earning till today with proof. Edomz provide higher CPM rate. Check yourself.

Today's post is for those people who want to monetize their website with pop up ads. You can earn handsome amount of money if you have good traffic. One of my blog known as Bestofshayari receives more than 15,000 pageviews in a day. I am earning good money with Adsense, but I wanted to earn more so I decided to monetize it with edomz and the results are pretty good.

Edomz claims that it provides higher CPM rate. So I decided to join this network and I am happy with the earnings. Below I will share my earnings and traffic status so that you can also join edomz and earn good money with your traffic. 

What is EDOMZ

If your website is not approved by Google Adsense then edomz can be a very good alternative for you. It is known as best CPM ad network and I also agree with that. Yes, it provides better rates than the Google Adsense. You can also join this network and earn handsome amount of money if you have good traffic. So if your website is not approved with google Adsense then do not worry there are many other advertisers who are ready to pay you if you have a good amount of traffic. Edomz is based on CPM and provides pop up ads.

Types of ads

Edomz provides pop up ads and the good thing is all the advertisement opens in a new window so you will not have to worry about loosing your visitors. 

How to earn more with Edomz.

If you have a good number of unique visitors then you can earn more with edomz. I have seen my earnings going higher whenever I publish a new post. I have  more than 1000 subscribers and whenever I publish a new post then most of them returns to my post and visit and the result is my earnings goes higher. So build your email list and enjoy.

My earnings and traffic status according to edomz.

total edomz income
Total edomz income
I have earned more than 15$ till today and it is continuing. Now as i said whenever i publish a new post my earning goes higher because of unique visitors.

See below image, from 22nd December to 24th December I published a new post on bestofshayari and the results are like this. You can see earnings are higher than the other days when i did not publish any post. So edomz is good for active blog that updates regularly.

my blog traffic and edomz earning
My blog traffic and edomz earning

So anyone with good traffic can expect good earning from edomz. If you update regularly your website and have enough subscribers then you can earn handsome money with edomz. 

You can join edomz at here. 

  1. Edomz accepts all types of blogs.
  2. Edomz provide the highest CPM.
  3. It is best when it comes about CPM.
  4. Earnings are higher than the Google Adsense in terms of CPM.

You can join edomz with above link and can earn money from your blog. Believe me let the ads be on your blog for a few times and your earnings will go higher. 

In starting I was getting only 10 cents but I trusted on this network and now 25 cents in a day. Earnings are not too good but not very bad as well. It is a great way to get some extra cash.

So it was edomz review for you and believe me you can also earn minimum 15$ from your blog.
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