7 To Do Things For Creating A Successful Blog

You want to create a successful blogger blog than here are those 7 to do things that can make your blogger journey a success.

7 To Do Things For Creating A Successful Blog
7 To Do Things For Creating A Successful Blog 

Everyone dreams for a successful blog but very few of them could convert this dream into a success so today we are going to discuss what are those 7 compulsory to do things that can really turn your blogger blog into a successful blog. The most important thing is is your topic. You have to make sure that you choose a profitable niche otherwise you could not earn that much from your blog. So make sure you choose the right keywords.

Profitable Keywords : -
The first thing that you have to do to create a blog is choosing the right keywords so that you receive sufficient amount of traffic. Also keep in mind that you choose that topic in which you have full knowledge otherwise after some time you will feel like you do not have to topic to write about and it happens with most of the bloggers. So create a blog on that topic in which you like to write and have some knowledge. Know how to search profitable keywords. So to find keywords that brings traffic, you can choose two best tools.

These are : -

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Wordstream

NOTE : -
Do not high spec keywords because it is tough to rank for them apart from choosing high cpc keywords you must choose average cpc and low competition keywords so it will be easy for you to rank on those keywords.

Other things that you can do is find a successful blog which relates to your niche and take keywords idea from that website. So to find competitors keywords, here is a best guide for you.

If you do the above process than I suppose you have collection of keywords and ready to create a blog.

Make EMD (Exact match domain) : -
If you choose an EMD than you will be in profit. Always insert your keywords in your domain name because it increases your website authority and search engine loves it and chances are higher to appear in search engine results and receive traffic. To know more about on page optimization read the below post.

Now when you have selected the keywords and ready to choose a domain name than search for it. Is it available or not. And to search availability you can use the godaddy domain search tool.

If the domain is available than purchase it.

Choosing the right platform
You have two options. First is blogger and second is Wordpress. Both have pros and cons. But i will recommend that you choose blogger if you are making your first blog and if you have better knowledge of PHP and mysql than go for Wordpress. Another thing I want to say is blogger is completely free. You do not have to pay for hosting charges whereas in Wordpress you will have to pay for hosting charges.

If you have selected the keywords than create a blog. I suppose you are choosing blogger as a platform.

Blogger Description : -
Write your blogger description that must include your keywords and also the domain name. That is a optimized blogger description.

Meta tag : -
When you have selected the domain name and description than now it is time to optimize your blogger template for search engines. Write all essential meta tags and insert them in your template. If you want to know about meta tag generator that automatically writes your meta tag then read this article.

Your Post title : -
Every post title must include your keywords that you have inserted in blogger description and meta tag. If you do this you will see search engine traffic for your blog. Most of my articles include my keywords and the result is I receive a good amount of traffic from search engines. So optimize your post title.

Place Post title before homepage title : -
This is very important. If you do not do this than for every post your blog title would appear in search engines than your post title. So you must optimize your blogger template. If you want to do this than below is the article that will teach you how to do this job.

Post title before homepage title
Post title before homepage title

Now if you have done all these things then you are ready for your success journey. I did this and i am happy with my blog performance. So if you enjoyed this 7 to do things for creating a successful blog. Then please do share and comment.
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