22% Traffic Growth For Website Optimized For Mobiles And Tablets.

Optimize Website For Mobile and Tablet because there is 22% growth in traffic for website that are optimized and have responsive layout.

22% Traffic Growth For Website Optimized For Mobiles And Tablets.
22% Traffic Growth For Website Optimized For Mobiles And Tablets.

You need to optimize your website or template for mobile and tablet because sites with responsive layout and template are getting enormous traffic and people even like those sites. If you have not done it yet then do it right now. Because day by day the mobile and tablet users are increasing and people have started to surf the internet through mobiles and it will increase more and more with the increasing users of mobile.
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Take an example of India. In India, 1 out of 5 people has mobile and they use the internet. Most of the traffic I get because of my optimized template. And in India research shows that 70% of mobile users are using internet on their mobile phone. And gradually mobile will replace laptops and PCs when it comes about surfing the internet.
So if your website or blog is not optimized for mobile and tablet then surely people will not like your site and you will get less traffic. Check the screenshot below how website with responsive layout are getting enormous traffic because of their design.

traffic growth of optimized websites
Traffic growth of optimized websites

As you can see the traffic level of restaurant website. Many restaurant websites are optimized for mobile layout and they are getting enormous traffic from search engines. From the images you can see 22% growth in traffic and it will day by day increase because mobile users are increasing worldwide. So you need to optimize website for mobile and tablets. This is a research carried out on the website with different topics.

Difference between not optimized and responsive design.

See the image below you will understand what is the difference between your not optimized website and a responsive optimized design. A website that is not optimized will look like this.

Not optimized website
Not optimized website

Optimized website 

And if you optimize your website for mobile and layout than it will look like this, when a user reads one of your posts.
Optimized website
Optimized website

Check yourself

If you are a user than what type of website look you will like most. For sure second one means optimized website. What happens when you do not optimize your website for mobile than user leaves your site and searches another one this way you lose traffic. Another drawback of not optimized website is loading time. Loading time of not optimized websites is higher than the optimized websites for mobile.

Comparison of two legendary website

I compared two news websites named as aajtak and ndtv. When I open an aajtak website in google chrome on my Apple iPhone it takes too much time but when I open ndtv website it loads faster than aajtak website. And the reason is simple aajtak website is not optimized for mobile but ndtv is optimized and hence I prefer ndtv website for news. Even you can check out those websites for your knowledge.

Drawback of Not optimized websites

  1. Loading time is higher.
  2. Look is ugly.
  3. Does not fit into the browser's width.
  4. The conversion rate is low compared to optimized websites.
  5. Less traffic than optimized websites.

How to make tests on your website for mobile.

(1) Check your google analytics for how many users are surfing your website for mobile.

(2) Understand every essential parameter of google analytics like bounce rate and conversion rate for optimized and not optimized website.

(3) Check your website look on tablets and mobile phones.

(4) Focus how you can give the best experience to your mobile users for this purpose talk to a mobile expert.

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So if you want to see growth in your traffic in the future than optimize your website for mobile and tablet as the statistics shows 22% growth. You may also witness such growth for your website if your website is optimized.

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