11 Facts About Mobile Users And Their Impact on Websites

11 facts about mobile users and how they are affecting internet browsing. Revealing why you need to optimize your website for mobile devices.

11 Facts About Mobile Users And Their Impact on Websites
11 Facts About Mobile Users And Their Impact on Websites

We are all aware of that fact that mobile users are increasing day by day and now they are using their devices for mobile devices. Even alone in England 51% people around 23 million people are using their mobile devices for online shopping that has given birth to a new term called M-commerce. So let's find out why a large number of people think that mobile users are gradually replacing desktop users when it comes about internet browsing.

But do you know what your visitors want. If not then read it here. Know what users like a mobile website or mobile app.

4.3 Billion mobile users

This is the worth shocking fact that 61% of all human have a subscription for mobile devices. It means around 4.3 billion people have mobile phones or will have in future. It reveals that if your website is not optimized for mobile devices than you are surely going to lose that traffic from 4.3 billion people.

1.3 Billion Smartphones

25% of all handsets are Smartphones. It means that every single mobile user out of 4 has Smartphone this is why companies like apple are so big and successful. Do you still not believe that you need a responsive website that should be optimized for mobile users.

1.1 Billion mobile subscribers use social networking on mobile phones.

What ! Yeah it is true there are 1.1 billion people out there which are using social media tools on their Smartphones. Most popular social media tools are Facebook, twitter, google plus and interest. If they are using social media tools than it means they are using the internet so for sure they also browse websites. So the outcome is that 1.1 billion people have been using the internet from their devices. 

Big Websites are already optimized for mobile devices.

As we saw 1.1 billion people are using social media tools hence internet browsing. But you can see many brands and big companies knew this fact that mobile traffic is the main source of their traffic and they already optimized their websites for mobile devices. Take an example of some popular social media websites you will see it optimized for mobile phones.

To know more about this website you must read - 22% traffic growth of websites optimized for mobile

SMS is more active than voice calls.

Do you know still SMS are more popular than voice calls. People like to send the sms than voice calls. They are talking through  text messages than the voice calls. And many websites and companies are using this as a medium of marketing for their websites and products. They send special offers and promotion sms on their mobile phone and ask for feedback and share and many people do accordingly.

Mobile users are not just sitting on their hands. They are taking advantage of the power that devices offer and are putting them to good use. There are more than one billion users that use their mobile devices for mobile browsing, mobile search, app downloading, gaming and ringtones.

Some alarming facts about mobile users 

Some alarming facts about mobile users
Some alarming facts about mobile users 

1.5 Billion people use devices for mobile browsing.

To surf the internet and browse the website there are 1.5 billion people who are using their devices to visit the sites and to gather information. This is called mobile browsing.

1.3 Billion mobile searches

There is 1.3 billion who searches for mobile phones. They get information about new mobile phones and their specifications though mobile browsing. Do you still not want to optimize your website or blogger blog for mobile devices than read further more below.

1.2 Billion apps downloading

There are 1.2 billion people who use their mobile device for downloading application for their mobile phones that is why iTunes and the app store of apple earn large amount of money. I think now you are agree that we must optimize our website for mobile devices.

Ok but do you know how to create mobile apps of blogger blog or website

1.3 Billion for gaming

1.3 people use mobile devices for gaming. These are the numbers who search for new games and download them.


Approximately 1 billion people use their mobile devices to search ringtones and this is the reason websites like Zedge and indiamp3song are popular among them.

So these are the recent facts about mobile users and their impact on websites.

If you have more information than share it as your feedback in the comments. I would like to share your information.
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