How Big Boss Season 7 TV Show Increased Their Conversion Rate

How big boss season 7 tv show increased their conversion rate by changing their appeal audio. And how their voters increased.

How Big Boss Season 7 TV Show Increased Their Conversion Rate
How Big Boss Season 7 TV Show Increased Their Conversion Rate

The big boss is a reality television show like big brother. It is very famous in India. This season has been seen with lots of experiments going on. They have changed many times their appeal audio to increases voting from Indian users and now they are sticking to one. It means finally they could be able to find out the exact use of those words in the appeal which increases their conversion rate. So in this post I will share what were the words before and after in their appeal audio. So you can get some ideas from it and better increases your website conversion rate.

What is appealing audio.

When a person is nominated by house members for eviction than the big boss launches a video where they appeal for their contestant. They talk about their name code and the number where you can send sms to save the contestant. People vote for contestants and the contestant who gets the maximum votes is saved and then who gets less votes is eliminated.

Changes in appealing audio.

There have been two changes in appealing audio. I will share both of them. The second has been a success for them and people started to send sms for their favorite contestant. At the end of show big boss appeals for sending sms. So below is the first format.

To Save Rohan type RHA and send it to 58581.

This was the previous format which they later changed. Now how they used it I will try to explain.

Now closely watch in that line they are focusing on a number and name code and they speak this in 2-3 seconds. And for sure it did not increase their conversion rate.

Second format Which is in current use.

To Save Rohan Type R.....H.....A  Send to 58581

Now they focus on the code and speaking very slowly to name code. Simply wants the attention of users of the name code.

Time Duration

In their previous format they told the name code in 2 Seconds.
And in current format they are taking 10 Seconds to tell the name code.

So the core point is focused on the words for which you want more attention.

Evicted Contestant Given Less Time

After saturday the contestant who is evicted is given time to meet with Salman Khan on Sunday. And he shares his experience with Salman Khan. Now the point to be noticed is the duration of the meeting is reduced to 20 minutes from 40 Minutes.

In the previous form at the evicted contestant was given a time of 40 minutes to discuss with host Salman Khan and now it has been reduced to 20 minutes.

The logic is simple do not show those things that people do not want to see. When the contestant has already been evicted it means people do not want to see that person. So they are now listening to the people and do not want to show the people who are evicted.

So what are they doing in that 20 minutes

Now they get more audience on Saturday when the contestant is about to evict. So they figure out that people want to see the Salman khan's interaction with big boss 7 contestants. So they did the same thing they are discussing with contestant on Sunday as well and hence they got more audience because people want to see that.

What to gain for blogging

So this was the visual things that big boss 7 team did to increase their conversion rate. So we can also gain some knowledge from this like.

  • Focus on that point where you want more user to focus like they did on name code.
  • Do not focus on things that your users do not want to see.
  • Analyze your google analytics what your users are searching on your website and act accordingly.

So this was all the changes that big boss 7 tv show team made to increase their conversion rate, traffic and audience for their show.

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