NO Expert Tricks But These 7 Practical Tricks Increased My Blogspot Blog Traffic

Of all the topics that can be covered in a blog, this is one of those that will never have an expiration date.

We all want to have more traffic, gain more attention and generate more with our blog.

NO Expert Tricks But These 7 Practical Tricks Increased My Blogspot Blog Traffic

And it’s okay, so be it. We work hard for exactly that: gain more attention to generate more traffic.

After many years of training and experimenting, I have obtained very good results. Although each project is different, there are things that can be replicated.

Here I tell you how to increase visits to my blog, well yours.

How to get my blog visited

If you want to get readers for your blog, start with keywords .

It is not simply about putting “increase blog visits” non-stop. Google is not stupid. That is abusing and is known as Keyword Stuffing.

Do it and you will be penalized.

Therefore, after creating a blog , you must plan what content you are going to publish.

The editorial calendars the document that will allow you to organize yourself.

From there, you will have a road-map, a way to follow to position yourself in Google and in your sector as an expert.

How to increase visits to a blog with organic traffic

When it comes to increasing visits, there are many ways to do it:

  • with organic traffic
  • with social networks
  • with networking

In this section, I am going to tell you how to increase your blog traffic organically, that is, without paying.

These are the steps to follow:


When you are clear about what topics you want to deal with, it is time to use SEO tools to know how many searches they have and what are the best keywords.

If all of this sounds like Chinese to you, I recommend that you read this SEO guide for beginners .

Here it is not a matter of choosing those with the highest volume of searches but rather those that we can position. Obviously, the more the merrier, but it is of little use to rank 20th in a keyword.

For this reason, I recommend that you focus on those that have little competition. To do this, you can go around Google and see the results.

By doing this, you will see if the competition responds to the user’s search intention and with what degree of success.


The quality and usefulness of your content will make a difference.

You can already be the most insignificant mosquito in the universe that if you take good pecks you will be remembered.

Create epic, unrivaled and extraordinary content. It is the best recipe to increase visits to your blog.

It’s about using content marketing to blog .


The first few seconds a person is paying attention is the most demanding filter.

If you present your article with a loose title, no one is going to stay to read it.

Human beings are carried away by the headline: “How to do to …”, “The 7 best …” and all these kinds of hook titles.

This is not something new to the Internet.

I learned it before by paying attention to the headlines of paper magazines, whose covers are full of these claims.

Here I explain how to write the title of a post .


As we said at the beginning, it is important not only that we consider our audience but also Google.

The North American giant dictates the rules of web positioning.

Therefore, we have to learn the rules of the game and become the best player.

The same post with different headings (H1, H2 and H3) can mean positioning on the first page or not even appearing in the first 10.

If you want to learn more about the subject, visit this post on SEO copywriting .

You will see that with a series of techniques your posts will rank high.


Internal linking is one that is on our own website. Therefore, we have full control over it.

Google takes it very much into account, since it interprets it to understand the importance we give to one or another content.

If a post has 20 inbound links from other articles and another has none, it will be much easier for the first to rank better.

Therefore, we are going to try to link those articles that are most important to our strategy.

One way to facilitate the general internal linking of the web is to link the categories from the main menu.

For example, with one item per category hanging from the “Blog” item.

This is the submenu that we have in Lifestyle al Cuadrado.


WordPress is a platform that does SEO quite well.

In addition to the default settings, it is recommended to make a series of specific adjustments to improve it even more.

For example, using friendly URLs, a plugin for SEO and that your website loads fast are 3 requirements to increase the visits of your blog.

If you want to know more about the subject, visit this SEO post for blogger blog .


Study what the competition does: what content does it create? Is it well positioned in Google? Do you have a lot of comments?

Only with that you already have valuable information on what you can do to reach your potential customers.

If you want to find out more, I’ll explain how to do a competitor analysis .

You will find some very interesting strategies and tools.

Increase the visibility of a blog with social networks

Social networks are a fantastic tool to reach new audiences and bring them to our website.

Through social media marketing you can attract your audience and convert it into subscribers and customers.

These are my tips to increase visits to your blog thanks to social networks.


There are many social networks: Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok.

In which of all is your ideal client.

If you sell excavators, surely not on Instagram.

Surely you have seen projects that have 5 social networks and do not attend any. That is a disaster. You convey a lousy image.

Let’s say you are on Facebook because “everyone is there” and because you invest in Facebook Ads .

Voucher. Now think about what content you can publish on Facebook to add value to your ideal customer.

Start with the content (posts, tips, tutorials) and then see which format works best (text, video, images).

Working on the interaction on Facebook , and on any social network, is essential, since the algorithm gives greater exposure to the accounts with the greatest interaction, since it considers them more relevant.

Become a Facebook marketing expert .

In short, once you choose a social network, get involved with it.


The video marketing is the closest way to connect with your audience via the Internet.

The emotional connection you can establish with your audience is unmatched by any other.

In addition, the reach you get by ranking videos on YouTube can leave light years the number of visits you receive on your blog.

The question is to work with a strategy, add value and be unique and unrepeatable.


The grace of social networks is that your audience can interact with you, whom they have as a reference.

For them it is a privilege, for you a necessity if you want to take advantage of this channel to generate business.

Respond to the comments and capture the email with Leads Magnets, contests or whatever comes to mind.

As we have said, algorithms reward profiles that interact with their audience and hide those that do not.

White and bottled.


It is not only about publishing but about adding value with each publication. It is preferable to publish little and good than a lot and bad.

To do this, you have to plan your content and have a working method for social networks.

It will cost you at first, but once you get the hang of it, everything will be much easier.

You can share your content (posts, videos, images), those of other actors in your sector and seek interaction with surveys.

Be original.


We all like to be given something as a gift. Buy me a beer and I’ll give you my company.

Your audience works the same. Give him something and he will give you his email. Then it will serve you to do email marketing .

Some of the things you can do are:

  • raffles
  • challenges
  • leads magnets

It is important not to abuse this strategy, you are not an NGO either.

How to get readers for your blog with networking

The first tactic to increase visits is to leverage your current networking. If you are self-employed or work on a project as a solo entrepreneur, you will surely know that one of the keys to any business is networking.


If you have managed to develop a good network of contacts in recent years, the first thing you have to do once you have your blog set up is to inform absolutely everyone that you are embarking on this new adventure.

For the most important people in your network of contacts, I recommend you take the time to meet them for coffee, go to an event together or eat with them to explain in detail the why and how of your new journey.

This is the most immediate way to generate traffic and increase visits to your blog and do not forget it, because it really allows you to leverage a work that you have already done before.


Another strategy to increase visits to your blog is to write as a guest author on other blogs.

Find someone who has a blog with a theme very similar to yours.

Once the blog is chosen, you offer to write an article, a guest post. And of course, if they accept you, write it in the best way you can and see what happens to your traffic from its publication.

This tactic is called Guest Posting and it allows you to access audiences larger than yours.

The idea is to get another blogger to let you write an entry on their blog to get visibility and at the bottom of your article, you will have a box where you should put a photo and a couple of links to your blog.

This is very good because in a way, you have a certain prominence when writing as a guest author on a third party blog and it usually brings you very good traffic. The greater the audience of the blog in which you write, the greater the traffic you will generate.

As always, from each contribution of traffic to your blog, 90% of this contribution will go away, it will vanish but 10% of the traffic will remain.

Little by little, you will increase in subscribers, both readers of your RSS thread and subscribers of your mailing list. Guest writing is a strategy that works very well.


In the same way, if you are already participating a lot in one or several professional forums, it is important to leave a link to the front page of your blog in your e-mail signature.

Normally what you do in a forum is add value, answer questions from other users.

Each user you help will read your signature as a member of the forum and you give them the opportunity to visit your blog with a single click, so it is important to do so.

These last two tactics to increase visits are very similar, you can work both in blogs and forums, but you must do it continuously for this to show you results.

Other ways on how to get a blog out there

There are a few more ways to increase your blog traffic.


Personal branding is what they think of you, how the market sees you.

And this is essential to be successful with your blog and with your business.

For someone to buy from you, they have to trust you.

Find out how to create a personal brand .


Sometimes organic traffic is not enough. Other times, your posts need a push for Google to listen to you.

Buying traffic in social networks or in Google Ads itself is a good strategy to get that traffic that you lack.

Of course, if you are launching or have a product or service that you want to sell more, an advertising campaign towards the sales landing is ideal to achieve it.


Entrepreneurs usually want everything now. It goes with the position.

Many times we think that it is just as easy to think as it is to execute it.

And no, it’s not.

Things take time. Reaching the top requires effort, work and determination.

You are going to fall, you are going to fail. The important thing is that you do not settle for that.

The path does not end in the stumbling block, it is only the beginning.

So go on, go on, don’t give up.