What Is Future of Seo and Does Social Media Exist in Future

What is future of SEO does social media exist in future any tips for those who have started career in digital marketing?

What Is Future of Seo and Does Social Media Exist in Future
What Is Future of Seo and Does Social Media Exist in Future

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In this article I have come up. I think I can guess what is coming and I know what will happen in the future of social networks.

I have read articles about what will happen to the  future of SEO , web design trends in 2017 and a band of marketing killers that are loosely loading our profession.

I want to tell you about the future of social networks with a brief analysis of each one.


  1. The future of Facebook
  2. The future of Twitter
  3. The future of Instagram
  4. The future of Snapchat
  5. The future of LinkedIn

1. The future of Facebook

Does it happen to you that you use Facebook less and less? In my case, I stopped using this network for a long time.

I deleted the account where you have one hundred million photos tagged since 2009 at your town parties and I only have one professional level .

And, to be honest, the more I turn the less I am interested in gossiping people's lives.

The fact of having your twenty aunts, your mother and even your grandmother on Facebook has made millennials go to other networks, such as Instagram.

Young people, including myself, have migrated to other networks where they can contact people of the same age and similar tastes.

There are not many mothers or aunts who have Instagram or Snapchat, which has made us more comfortable outside of Facebook (if your mother has Instagram tell me, I follow her!).

On the other hand, from the business point of view I find it quite frustrating to use Facebook. The said algorithm of the Mark just shows the contents of the company pages in an organic way.

Yes. I know it is for us to invest more in advertising. But the truth is that I find it increasingly difficult to see Facebook as a sales channel.

Campaigns to promote webinars , free eBooks or promote blog posts usually have very good results. However, as a direct sales channel I find an Everest increasingly difficult to climb.

Final verdict : Facebook is not going to disappear. With more than 1 billion active users per month it will continue to be the reference social network. Hopefully it behaves well with company pages, which is what interests me, and does not make it difficult for CMs🙂

2. The future of Twitter

I would love that Twitter never ends. I have to admit that I'm hooked on these wonderful 140 characters that allow you to say so much with so little. It's a micropoetry exercise that makes me crazy <3

Opinions and tastes apart, Twitter today is synonymous with two concepts:

Customer service channel
Twitter is a fast and efficient tool to contact companies (especially with the largest). The user is no longer looking for a phone to call to file a complaint or complain.

Now put a tweet. That is why today it is ESSENTIAL to have the figure of the Community Manager in companies.

This person is responsible for properly serving customers in social networks, forums and others.

Therefore, a CM cannot be your cousin because she is unemployed and has free time. The social networks of a company are the mirror of what you want to be;

They are the image you want them to see about you and should be a real reflection of the operation of a company.

Only someone with knowledge and aptitudes to perform this position is the one who must take care of it.

24-hour online newspaper
I go to Twitter to see the news? It is not that I stopped reading the newspaper, what happens is the receipt of real-time and first-hand information.

They are people, like you and me, who pour their opinions on everything that happens every day. Personally, I love to know the opinion of society without the biased filters of televisions or newspapers.

Final verdict : although I have read that each time it has fewer active users and that it is a bit of a doldrums from here, I ask that Twitter never end, THAT I HAVE HAPPENED!

3. The future of Instagram

How many news has Instagram been able to include in the last 12 months? I go back to August 2016, when Instagram announces its new Instagram Stories .

To be honest? I was quite reluctant. I thought it was a Snapchat clone and an attempt by Zuckerberg to copy the competition.

Who was going to tell me that I would change my vision so much a few months later ... Instagram makes me crazy, I love the role that Stories play and yes ... I'm also hooked on Instagram! I said it already.

Haven't you seen my Instagram yet ? Creativity, fun and good taste united in a single account that you will not regret to follow! I wait for you🙂

Now I'm back. Forgive the pause but this must be monetized in some way. 🙂As I was saying, I am very happy with Instagram. And not only on a personal level.

Instagram has given companies the opportunity to show how their guts work inside. Agencies can display day-to-day photos in the office, videos and others at work. And not only for offices or agencies.

Contrary to what happens to me with Facebook, every day I use more Instagram, Stories, filters, Boomerang and everything it takes to leave every perfect photo.

By the way, do you think that Zuckerberg will end up implementing Facebook reactions also on Instagram? I would like to know your opinion. You can leave it in a comment at the end.

Final verdict : Mark, please don't load it! This network is fabulous as it is <3

4. The future of LinkedIn

Mr. Facebook is so obsessed with the competition that he now says that you can apply for a position through the company pages.

It is true that LinkedIn is not the bomb, nor super fun. But I don't know if this will apply to apply for a job from Facebook.

I go back to LinkedIn. Let's be honest: LinkedIn is a bit boring. Many of the users, including myself, have it as an "online curriculum".

It is true that when he was actively seeking employment, he devoted much more time, love and attention than now. Now, that I work as a marketing technician, I share the blog articles and ... And little else.

I understand that it is a very useful tool for human resources. A fantastic database and a way to show your most professional side.

But hey, what do you want me to tell you ... I find it a bit boring. Maybe at another time in my life I find more spark or find something that hooks me. For now ...

Final verdict : that all those responsible for human resources are eternally grateful to LinkedIn. And use it a lot, so you don't take it off🙂

5. The future of Snapchat

Will close. Or someone will buy it. End of quote.

Okay. Come on. I will explain a little more. It will close the day that Instagram copies the filters.

What is your verdict on social networks? What do you think will happen in the future? Go ahead and leave me your opinion in a comment and we create a bit of debate.

A hug!

Despite family pressure to have studies that involve getting a good job, not everyone was born to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer.

For these people there is digital marketing, which allows the study to be successful even from the comfort of your home.

The professions that have to do directly with the world of Internet are the most requested since they are becoming stronger in the labor market.

For this reason, it will never be too late to learn about this discipline.

Career in digital marketing

  1. A recognized business school offers quality training
  2. Advantages of studying a Master in digital marketing
  3. What professional expectations exist when doing a Master?

1. A recognized business school offers quality training

The best profession is that which gives the tools from the beginning to perform effectively in the labor field .

Studying a Master in Digital Marketing is the best decision if you are undecided about the future of your professional career.

If this career is studied in the correct business school, it will be possible to learn multiple tools applicable in the real world , the situations to be solved are everyday cases that any online marketing specialist can face.

Not to mention that the extensive knowledge acquired will give the qualification to work with all kinds of clients.

To study a Master in digital marketing, it is necessary that the applicant previously have a related career related to this area of ​​study, such as:

  1. Commerce.
  2. Advertising.
  3. Public relations.
  4. Marketing.

To decide if this career is really what the student expects, it is necessary to know what the programmatic content is :

  1. Management and marketing plans
  2. Market research.
  3. SEO, SEM, RRSS, e-commerce.
  4. Digital media.
  5. E-mail marketing and inbound marketing.

Due to the level of instruction, to graduate it is necessary to do a Business Marketing Project . Here the student must develop a plan where he offers solutions through all the knowledge acquired during the entire education process.

2. Advantages of studying a Master in digital marketing

Digital advertising has taken so much force in the world because it is a kind of union between management and communication.

Thanks to the fact that it is a fairly new career, it is necessary that you carry out the largest amount of professional studies to quickly stand out.

The main advantages are:

  1. It will give a 100% professional vision.
  2. It will enhance the reputation as a digital marketing specialist .
  3. A training oriented to strengthen your knowledge.
  4. It is at the head of the digital world .
  5. The possibility of working from the comfort of home if you prefer.

Doing a master's degree will not only improve the chances of achieving a position in any digital advertising company, but will also offer students the tools to develop their own business.

The latter applies not only to those involved in digital marketing, but to anyone else who has a website, it is well known that for a business to be successful it must appear on the Internet .

Not to mention that the professional will be seen as a mentor for those who begin to travel this career, and can even earn revenue from it, by offering knowledge in workshops, talks and conferences with friends.

For anyone who decides to start a business, having a Master will save money because they will not have to hire any marketing agency , but they can manage, segment and advertise their own company.

3. What professional expectations exist when doing a Master?

Any professional who has a Master in digital marketing, can opt for any of these positions in the best companies in the country , not to mention that the annual salary is very striking:

  1. Marketing Director : between € 65,000 and € 150,000
  2. E-commerce manager : € 50,000 and € 65,000
  3. Digital communication manager : between € 40,000 and € 60,000
  4. Positioning Manager : between € 50,000 and € 70,000
  5. Community manager : € 38,000 and € 65,000
  6. Content Manager : approximately € 30,000

Of course it is necessary to mention that the expectation of profit depends on the years of services and the amount of advanced studies you may have.

It is important to place special emphasis on the field of professionalization since this is a career that is constantly evolving.

Being full of new technologies that relate to digital marketing will not only update knowledge, but multiply the chances of success, which at the same time will make the professional always the first option to consider for any client.