Is Content Only Reason For Getting Search Engine Results ! NO

Is content only reason for search engine ranking or on page optimization, off page optimization, backlink ,SEO, domain age or something else. 

Is Content Only Reason For Getting Search Engine Results ! NO
Is Content Only Reason For Getting Search Engine Results ! NO

Why bogus websites are ranking high

we have seen many bloggers and webmasters saying that content is king but in reality this is not the only single reason behind the success of any websites because you and me, we all know that we have seen many websites and many blogs who have less content, even not readable, but they are ranking high in search engine results so when people say that content is king  then do not accept this opinion personally i do not accept that content is king because i have seen.

You also know this

Take example of any site.  You can see various bloggers  say that length of article should be greater than 1000 words, but search the internet and you will see sites ranking which have very few words in their article. We have seen many websites just take the example of sms and messages, blogs  they nearly post around 200 word article, but they are ranking high in the search engine results and they are dominating high priority websites so what exactly is happening .

Oh So you think creating backlinks really works if yes, then read below

You can see various bloggers and people saying that create backlinks to rank high, but I want to tell you.I have created more than 4500 backlinks for and many of my post ranking in search results in the first place, but still I have not been able to cross the 10000 page views per day so in reality only the backlinks are not a solution to rank high in search engine results

Proof that backlinks really does not matter

If backlinks really matter, then what about the best of Shayari.  I am getting around 20,000 page views in a day with very few backlinks.  I want to tell you that there are only 72 backlinks which are pointing towards my best of Shayari blog not even high quality. So what is the reason behind the success of the best of Shayari now I believe on page optimization and relevance of keywords in your blog post matters not the backlinks. If you do it properly, you will get maximum sharing along with I want to tell you that the frequency of updates on your blog also matters. if you really want to increase your traffic then focus on, on page optimization, try to reduce your bounce rate, try to reduce your page loading time then the chances are higher to appear in search engine results.

Do you want to know : - How to find competitor's backlinks

If Not backlinks, Then what needed to get search engine results

In the end, I would like to tell you that content is not the only thing that makes your blog appear in search engine results but apart from that on page optimization , proper on site seo are the key to the success of your website or if you are determined to search engine results then focus on on page optimization, try to make your post nearer to your keywords. include your top keywords in your blog post.

Why bestofshayari Still rocks

These are the reasons for success of best of shayari blog that I figured out from that blog.look i have been running  2 major blogs. First is and second is  and I also told you that I am getting more than 20 thousand page views from best of shayari.  Whereas I am getting only 5000 page views for  if i talk about the backlinks avdhootblogger has more than 4000 backlinks and are all are coming from high quality page and best of shayari  have very few backlinks but when i talk about on page optimization best of shayari wins and when i talk about the backlinks, wins the game so what is your opinion about this. Do you believe still believe that the content is king.

My earning with and without Google adsense

i am i running around 5 to 6 dollar everyday with the best of shayari with Google ad sense and without the Google ad sense why i am saying with google it's because i am earning at least 5 to 6 dollar with Google ad sense and without it I am earning 6 to 7 dollars per day with the cpmfun.  If you really want to earn without Google ad sense.

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7 Ways to get more traffic without creating backlinks

  1. Include your top keywords in every post title
  2. On page optimization
  3. Use H1 and H2 tags in posts (People say don't but i do and receive traffic)
  4. Remove all of your crawl errors through Google webmaster tools
  5. Write posts on keywords that you find from google analytics
  6. Do excessively internal linking of your posts
  7. Use social media excessively.
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