Got Page Rank 2 By Google Page Rank Update 2013

Yeah party time. Google page rank update 2013. And google rewarded my website with PR 2. Thanks for your blessings.

Got Page Rank 2 By Google Page Rank Update 2013
Got Page Rank 2 By Google Page Rank Update 2013

Finally the wait is over and google page rank has been updated. It has come after a long time as we know current month is December and my website is only 8 moths old. And the good thing is google rewarded with PR 2. I am so happy that my blog got this PR 2.

Everyone was thinking that it will come in 2014 but as we know google always surprises so it has come in December and gave this year a good ending. And many of my other blogs also got PR1. So i am quite happy with the performance of my website.

Does Google PR have any relation with traffic.

No I do not think so. If you have a high PR it does not mean that you will have a high volume of traffic. And to prove this I have proof of one of my friend's entertainment blogs. He receives at least 15,000 pageviews in a day but still his page rank is 1. But receives more than 1000 pageviews in one day and has got page rank 2. So as far as concerned about traffic and its relation with page rank, my view is a big no. The overall conclusion is page rank has no relation with traffic.

But PR is the result of your hard work and SEO.

In above point I cleared that high page rank does not mean that you will receive a high volume of traffic. But in reality it is the result of your search engine optimization. How many quality backlinks you have got to your site and how well structured your website is. It also includes your on page optimization and off page optimization. So overall it is the result of your hard work and search engine optimization that you have done for your website.

How to check your google page rank after 2013 update

Here is an awesome tool through which you can find what is your current Google page rank after December update. Below is the link that will show you the page rank of your blogger blog or any other website.

List  some other blogging related websites and their page rank after December update 2013.

  1.      PR 2
  2.       PR 5
  3.                PR 6
  4.           PR 4
  5.             PR 2

 Best Blogging Guide, You must read to get PR like others.

Below blogging guides are written after extensive research on user behavior. You must read this and apply to your blog for more results in terms of traffic and high conversion rate.

Some of the best SEO Tips that I have learnt till today

These are the SEO Tips that I have learnt till today and have applied to my website. I hope it will work for you too. You must read this.

This is the detail about google page rank update December 2013. Please tell us in your comment what is your page rank. God bless you.

Thanks for your blessings.
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