7 Compulsory Actions For Building Blogger Readership

7 Compulsory actions for building blogger readership. A to do list so that you get regular and permanent visitors for your blog.

7 Compulsory Actions For Building Blogger Readership
7 Compulsory Actions For Building Blogger Readership

How to get permanent and loyal traffic for your blog so that every post gets maximum exposure and traffic so for this purpose we are going to discuss how to build readership. Because a blog is known by the number of its subscribers. More subscribers mean more daily traffic and that makes blogger readership. But the question is how to build such readership and what elements are required for this? What type of widgets and gadgets and where to place them and in the end how to convince your reader for sign up and force him to visit your blog all the time whenever you publish a new post. In our last post we discussed 6 Powerful Blogging Tips To make the user focus on special points and now we will discuss building blogger readership.

So we are going to discuss these all elements or compulsory actions for building blogger readership.

(1) Update Frequency Is Everything.

You may have seen those blogs which have a very low count of backlinks but there Alexa rank are too high compared to those blogs which have a large amount of backlinks. Did you try to know how they are moving or leading so fast.

It is because of the frequency of updates. Try to publish at least 4-5 post in a day if possible and then see the magic of comments, traffic and your Alexa rank.

I tested it in my entertainment blog when it's rank was going down then I rapidly started work and published 5-6 post per day and the result was mesmerizing. My Alexa rank got increased and my traffic went high.

People like to read those blogs that updates more frequently. Even I do it too. I like and read all those blogs which publish at least 3-4 post per day and somewhere I get new ideas and knowledge too for my blog. So believe the facts that updating is the key for success.

(2) Think Surf and Explore

You need to publish unique content now a day visitors are surfing every website and they will know if you copied it from somewhere so try to publish unique content and to get ideas for new posts for your blogger blog just visit all other fellow blogger's website and explore the new topics that have been never published. If you continuously do this people will like to come to your blog often because they know they will get something new.

(3) Put Subscription Box at Call to Action Places

You must visit your heat graph in analytic and check out on which position you get too many clicks and that is perfect place for your subscription box .

Lots of my visitor likes to comment on my blog so I have put my subscription box below the comment box and the result is pretty awesome. More you get subscribers more you build blogger readership.

(4) Make Eye Loving Design of subscription Box

That is the most compulsory action for building blogger readership. Be the difference and it will pay you. You just need to divert user attention and you are done. Here are some 10 Most Powerful tips for this.

(5) What Does Human Eye Love

Below are all those different types of widgets for subscription box that will be liked by users. Always remember you are not building for your happiness you need to convert your user's mind and make him convince for subscription. There are lots of designs that you can find in below link for your purpose.

This design may help you to build blogger readership.

(6) People Like To Be Noticed

That is true even I like it too when someone responds to my comment and I daily visit that blog. Comment again and seek for a great loving response. So it applies to everyone be a good leader and always respond to your comments in a more pleasing way. Never hurt your commentators. Now it is up to you how smartly you answer to your comments because other readers will also read them and it leaves a great impact on users. So  the key for building blogger readership is responding to all comments.

(7) Choose Feedburner or Mail Chimp For Email Alert

If you are doing all the above activities to build blogger readership then it is time to alert all of your email readers about your new post and how do you do that. Either you can use the Feedburner email service or use mailchimp for emailing to your subscribed users. That really works. 60% of your readers will click on those links and you will get traffic for that so focus on increasing your subscribed users . Mailchimp has some unique features like customization of email template and the body so if you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS then it can be a very good tool for you. And also will help in building blogger readership.

So these were the 7 compulsory action for building blogger readership and a systematic approach to increase the count of your subscribers and permanent visitors.

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