6 Blogging Tips That Converts Interview Into Backlinks And Traffic

6 Blogging tips that converts an interview into natural backlinks and enormous traffic to your blogger blog or website.

6 Blogging Tips That Converts Interview Into Backlinks And Traffic
6 Blogging Tips That Converts Interview Into Backlinks And Traffic

Blogging Tips That converts an interview into natural backlinks and traffic for your blog or website. Below you will know how an interview should be taken and published on your website for getting natural backlinks from high PR websites and blogs. I have also shared a proof for that how a low PR and Alexa rank blog got a backlink from high PR blog. After examining those marketing and link building strategies, I have concluded to some of the points that I will share it with you below in this post.

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(1) Take Interview.

The concept is simple if you really want backlinks from your toughest competitor blog or say the blog you admire too much but find it difficult to take direct or real backlink from that blog that Google admires too then take the interview of the administrator of that blog and publish it to your website.

 Do you want to know why?

(2) Benefits Of Interview

People like to read about administrator of most famous website or blog. So do that before someone else does before you. And most of the times administrators of those blogs do not share their personal life in detail and their blogging strategy in their about us page. So here you have a chance to ask those questions that those admissions do not share .

(3) Traffic From Titles

When your readers see such title like "interview of bon bon" . Now every one of your visitors will click on it because they want to know in detail about that person if he is famous in the community. If you are in blogging and SEO community then  I think you know about SEOMOZ and if you could be able to take an interview of SEOMOZ Owner then everyone including you and I would like to read about him and this way you can get traffic for your blog .

(4) What After An Interview

Now if you have taken interview what after that. Now divide it into 3 parts .

(1) Personal Life
(2) Professional Life
(3) Marketing strategy

➨ Personal Life

Now share his personal life first like what he was doing before his blogging career, How many members of his family, How his childhood went and so and so. You can also take help of the few interviews that have been published on other websites or blogs.

➨ Professional Life

Now share his professional life what else he does except blogging, what kind of job he does and since when , what are his skills and future plans for blogging as well as for his job (if he does) and many more such questions. Through this your readers could know more about your personality.

➨ Marketing Strategy:

Now the key part share his marketing strategy and link building methods that you knew from interview obviously he will not share everything but something you will get out of that interview and you can write a post on those points. You can ask many questions like "any advice for new blogger" and then you can figure out topics for your post like "marketing fundaz of don bon". So its all up to you.

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(5) Final part but how to get backlinks

Well see an example below. Rahul kuntala was a good writer and has written good posts related to blogging now one of our fellow blogger took his interview and published everything about him in one single post now at that time Rahul kuntala was very famous and in his about us page, he mentioned in those posts where the interview was published .

➨ Finally Rahul Gave Backlink.

And the core part is even the person who took interview did not ask for a link but Rahul gave it because he wanted to show himself like a popular person .

Rahul giving backlinks to interviewer
Rahul is giving backlinks to the interviewer

As you can see from above image Rahul is giving backlink to the person's website who took his interview so it is proof for you if you do not believe that it does not work.

➨ Rahul Needs Exposure so...

It is obvious every one wants to get some exposure so say about exposure Rahul gave him backlink. And the person who took his interview got a natural backlink from his about us page.

➨ 90% Success Ratio Of This Trick

It is for sure anyone who takes interview then his post is admired by the person who got interviewed through his about us page as a link but in case if you do not get  them you can ask for it. It is seen in 90% cases people got backlinks. So be optimistic and take this action to get backlinks from that blog.

Well it is all about blogging tips after all and this is just a tip so do it if you like. If you like these tips then be my friends on Facebook and Twitter and then we will share each other's content.

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