4 Ways To Host Javascript To Work With Blogger Widget

4 ways to host JavaScript to work with blogger widget and making widgets for blogger blog. How to and where to host JavaScript files.

4 Ways To Host Javascript To Work With Blogger Widget
4 Ways To Host JavaScript To Work With Blogger Widget

As we know blogger does not have hosting facility so we can not host our JavaScript from blogger platform. So there are various online websites which provide free hosting of JavaScript. And today we are going to share them. Most of you may be familiar with few ones like Google code and Dropbox but there are other was too. Actually we need JavaScript hosting to work with blogger widgets because in most of the widgets we need JavaScript to make them attractive and adding some special effects so for that purpose we need to host them.

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For your information Google code will not let you upload your new scripts from 4th January 2014. So after that again we will have to find websites to host JavaScript why later. Get the solution now. Below are the 4 ways that allows you to host JavaScript for free but with some limitations like daily bandwidth. I will describe their condition and then you decide which platform to choose to host your JavaScript files.

Google code

Many of you know about Google code and how to host JavaScript on Google code. It is too simple and there are lots of awesome tutorials available on fellow bloggers websites and blogs.

  • Adding a JavaScript is simple.
  • Create new project.
  • Write description about your project.
  • Upload files.
  • Write labels and submit. Now copy the link address.

So first priority is still Google code. But the Google code will not accept new downloads from 4th January 2014.


If your site has low amount of traffic then Dropbox is a good option for you because they ban those links and public folder which exceeds their daily bandwidth. For free Dropbox accounts you have 10 GB bandwidth per day and for pad Dropbox accounts 250 GB bandwidth per day.

  • Free Accounts=10 GB of Bandwidth Per Day
  • Paid Accounts=250 GB of Bandwidth Per Day
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Now a day it is also providing free JavaScript hosting and for free but when I checked this website's whois record I found that it is about to expire on 2-Aug-2014. So in future this website to host JavaScript may shut down. But till then you can use to host your JavaScript files.

Expiration Date-2-Aug-2014

How to insert JavaScript in blogger to work

Well if you do not want to use the above platform to host JavaScript files then you can use the below method too to insert JavaScript in your blogger post too and in the blogger template .

If you have JavaScript for any blogger widget and you want to use it then see the below code .With the help of this code you can insert your JavaScript into the blogger post and can make any widget to work.

<script type="text/javascript">

Insert your code in the place of your JavaScript code and then copy the entire code and then paste into blogger but in html mode not in compose mode. This is the simple way to add JavaScript into a blogger blog to work with blogger widgets and gadgets.
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